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Some of my favorite roots to eat are radishes, beets, sweet potatoes and carrots. These types of roots are called root crops because you can eat them.

Not all roots can be eaten.  Weeding the garden is a great time to notice roots.The main root is the primary root.  You may see other roots that grow out of the primary root . They are called secondary roots.

Some roots look the same, you can't tell which root is the primary root. Taproots are large primary roots. They can be very long, such as a carrot. Some taproots are round instead of long, such as a beet or turnip.

Plants need roots for two reasons. The first reason is to anchor them in the soil. Secondly, roots provide a way for the plant to get water and nutrients from the soil. One of the first items you will see in a Montessori classroom is a living plant. Sometimes there will be a small container garden of herbs or lettuce. Sprouting seeds is another easy and fast activity you can do to show the roots of a plant. Check how to do this with a Sprout Jar . Mung beans sprout quickly and the primary root is very long and easy to identify.



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