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What Type of Mother Hen Are You?

What type of mother hen are you?

Answer the questions below.

  1. How do you care about how your kids look
    I don't care how my kids look as long as they are happy.
    I like my kids to look good all the time, their clothes and hair look great.
    My children are covered in glue and crafting materials.
    My kids are always getting dirty, I'm always cleaning them or telling them to bathe.
    My kids are always clean and in cute outfits.

  2. Your style of cooking is:
    You love cooking organic or natural good food for your kids.
    You take your kids out to eat for dinner as much as possible.
    You like to have your children help you
    You cook by picking up premade meals from the deli or market.
    You make your own baked goods.

  3. Pick the best answer:
    I don't mind it when kids make noise.
    I make sure my house is neat, my children well fed and dressed.
    I love doing crafts with my kids and having fun parties.
    I enjoy taking my children to their sports activities.
    I like my children to be quiet and respectful when indoors. They can let loose outside.

  4. Which statement best describes you:
    I shop at thrift stores and yard sales for my kids clothes.
    I love to dress my kids with the best brands.
    I let my kids dress any way they want, even if it is a costume or fancy dress.
    I buy athletic types of clothing for my children.
    I buy clothes on sale for my children.

  5. If I could best describe my children as:
    My kids are my friends, I like talking to them and their friends.
    My kids are not only great, but they look great too.
    They are all unique and different.
    My kids are active and curious.
    My kids are wonderful, I'm so proud of them.


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