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Can Biomes Change?  

Biomes are often defined by where they are located.  Biomes are a large subdivision of animals and plants in a certain location. Biomes can be on land and water.  A biome is not an ecosystem, but a biome can be part of an ecosystem. An ecosystem is the interaction of plants and animals in their environment. 

What makes a biome unique is location, location, location.    One of the easiest biomes to study is the one you live in. You can adapt the lessons for preschool through college.

Studying landforms in preschool is the first step in studying biomes.

Make sandpaper land form cards for a more tactile experience. You can also make a sand globe to show the earth.

Use an old globe and fill in the land forms with glue, sprinkle with sand  to make a sand globe. Here is how to present the globe by Montessori Mum.

 For older children, you can learn about geology and geologic terms. This is a great free on line Dictionary of Geology.



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