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Free Land and Water Cards (27)

Anytime of the year is a good time to study geography. During your summer trips point out different landforms on a map and look for them as you travel. It's a fun road game.

Geography is the study of human interaction with their physical environment. It is how humans live on the earth. This environment includes features of the planet, animals, plants and cultures.
A child's first introduction to geography is in the home. That is, the child's exposure to the native culture. An important part of a child's education is an introduction to other cultures and environments.

Names of Geographic Things

A fun introduction to geography is learning about landforms. A land form is a unit that forms a part of the overall shape of the earth. A collection of landforms is called a landscape . A landscape is all the visible parts of an area of the earth.


  • Mountain — An area of land that's drastically higher than the surrounding area. A mountain also has a distinct summit (top)
  • Hill An area of land that's somewhat higher than the surrounding land. A hill doesn't need to have a distinct summit.
  • Plateau An area of land that is relatively flat and elevated about the surrounding land.
  • Plain A flat area of land, generally near rivers
  • Valley A low lying area of land surrounded by mountains, hills or plateaus.

Download free printout for these landforms
Don't forget to get matching cards and name cards

  • Peninsula An area of land surrounded on three sides by water.
  • Bay An area of water surrounded by land on three sides by land.
  • Lake A body of fresh water that is relatively still
  • Island An area of land smaller than a continent that is surrounded by water on all sides
  • Isthmus A narrow piece of land between two larger bodies of water.
  • Strait A narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water.
Download free printout for these landforms
Don't forget to get matching cards and name cards

Large landforms/landscape

  • Ocean The salty water that covers most of the Earth's surface
  • Land Dry land surrounded by the oceans
  • Continents Land is broken up into seven continents.
  • Layers of Earth The Earth is made up of three solid layers: The core, mantel and crust. The core consists of a solid center and a liquid outer core. The mantel is mostly liquid. And the crust is the thinnest layer, we live on te surface of the crust and all the continental plates are made of crust. Above the crust is the atmosphere.

Download Nomenclature Cards and Matching Cards for these landforms

Introducing the Nomenclature Cards with Definitions

Place a picture, such as the isthmus with the word or label isthmus below the picture on a work rug or table. Under this card and label place the definition of the card. (An isthmus is a narrow neck or strip of land where two larger sections of land are connected.)

Take two more different cards and place in proper order, one card, label and definition at a time. Read the definition to your child. Let your child read the definition if they are able or wish to do this. This lesson can last over several days.

Always allow your child to do the exercise after demonstrating it. Quit your presentation if your child understands how to do it and wishes to do the rest without guidance.

Supplementary Information:

More Geography Free Pintouts



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