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Reading Command Cards


Montessori Reading Interactive Game

Write on note cards words (action verbs)  such as 

Show the command card to your child and act out the word together. Next, take turns acting out the directions.   Your child will recognize the words and understand their meaning  after a little practice.
The phonetic words, such as sit, run, hop, jog are easiest to read. You can also do this lesson playing Simon Says ,  only use the command cards instead of the spoken directions.

For example, Simon says, show the "skip card" instead of saying "skip"  and hopefully,   the children read the word and skip.

Let the children take turns being Simon. Fun and education are a winning combination!

Advanced Lesson 

Using Sentences for Command Cards

As reading skills advance use sentences that your child can read and do. This helps with following directions too! 

Here a few examples of  command sentences to write on large note cards. Again, you can demonstrate by reading the card and following the directions. Next,  let your child do it.

Sit on the rug.

Jog to the rug.

Jump on the rug. 

Crawl on the rug. 

Stand on the rug. 

Giggle and dance. 

Wiggle your toes. 

Wiggle your nose.

Giggle and wiggle. 

Run in place. 

March to the rug. 

 For added fun take a video of this dramatic activity.






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