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Fun Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids

Happy Thanksgiving!



Here are some of my favorite fun activities to do for this holiday:

Thanksgiving in Canada 

Thanksgiving in the United States 

Mexican Style Thanksgiving Recipes  

Thanksgiving Ideas, Games and Printables

Thanksgiving Printouts -use for reading cards, stories and even punch out simple shapes , like a pumpkin, with a push pin.

Thanksgiving Games, Lesson and Science 

Thanksgiving Lessons & Ideas 

Thanksgiving Art Ideas

Thanksgiving Printouts and Crafts 

Thanksgiving Costumes and Fun 

Pilgrim Hats

Lacing Girl's Pilgrim Hat 

Make Your Own Thanksgiving Books 

Leaf Turkey 

Fall and Thanksgiving Games, Art and Activities 

Songs and Fingerplays for Fall 

Thanksgiving Diorama & Downloads 


Practical Life Ideas

Easy Rolling Napkin -Fold a napkin in half and roll.

Folding Napkins-Fold napkins in fourths 

Knotted Napkin-Fold a napkin in half and make a knot in the middle

Scarf Fold Napkin- Fold a napkin in triangles

Hand Work

Paper Flowers 

Check out more ideas here. 


First Thanksgiving Links

Lessons and Pilgrims Thanksgiving

Native American Biome

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