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Life Cycle Reading Cards

Preschool children are natural scientists who enjoy observing the life cycle of frogs and butterflies. Metamorphosis is a part of their life cycle and it is an exciting way to teach biology. Taking note of your environment, such as gardens and ponds, you can find  butterflies and frogs in their natural habitat.  Some local zoos have butterfly habitats you can visit during the summer months.

We have provided simplified frog and butterfly life cycle cards for reading or matching. You can make 3 part cards from this printout too.

Here are two sets of life cycle science cards.

For younger children, you can make this a matching sequence game. Printout two copies of the printouts.  Use one row as a board, glued onto cardboard or poster board in order of the life cycle. Cut out each picture of the second identical set to match onto the board. To make this a simple matching game,  cut off the reading labels and just use the pictures for matching.

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