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How to Make Reading Cards

Montessori 3 Part Cards

Montessori 3-part cards can be used with classified cards or nomenclature cards. When working with preschool children use vocabulary or words that are a part of their lessons or environment. Nomenclature cards are used to help teach reading vocabulary as well.

Use two copies of a word. For example, use the big cube from this free printout.  Print out two copies. Phonetic 3 lettered cards are considered  part the pink reading scheme. More complex reading schemes are blue reading cards and lastly, green reading cards.

The first step for younger children, usually about age 3, I introduce one phonetic reading card (with a picture and label) and a matching object. I purchase small toys or objects, such as a pig, hat, rat, pan or man and combine them with the card with the picture of the object..  With this matching activity you only need one reading card and one matching small object. Use pictures or photos you have on hand. The Internet is a great source of free clip art too.

3 Part Cards are used after the spelling exercises using the moveable alphabet. Children around the ages of 4 1/2 and above usually enjoy this activity. If you are studying the planets you would print out 2 copies of planet cards .

Preparation of the Cards

Cut out each card. With each set of cards  keep one card whole (the master card) and cut the label off the second matching card.

You can use card stock to print out the cards. Laminating them is a good idea.

How to Introduce the 3 part cards.

Put on the left side 3 master cards (picture and label)  and on the other side of the mat or table place randomly the other picture cards and label cards.

Take one master card in your hand.

Point to the picture and ask, "Can you tell me what this is?" (The child tells you what the object is.)

Next ask, "Can you find the matching picture?" Put the correct picture next to or below the master card.

Point to the matching label, sound out the word and then read it clearly and ask, "Can you find the word for this picture?"

The child finds the label and puts the word below the picture. It's wonderful if your child wants to read the word while placing it under the picture.

Finish the lesson with the remaining 3 part cards.

If your child needs more help it is fine for you to slowly and deliberately find the matching card and label.

It's always best to encourage your children to do as much of the exercise they are able to do.

Make 3 part card boxes. For example, the planet cards make a wonderful and exciting reading box box.

Just introduce a few cards and add more after the previous cards are mastered. Most of all,  you child will be so excited to read!

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