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The Sun

Sol  Sun  Sonne  Soleil  Son Shemesh Zon  Sonce  Sunce Matahari  Soorajh  Helios   Shams  Taiyo  Tai-Yang

Regardless what we call that bright ball in the morning sky, our sun makes our world a perfect place to live providing warmth and sunlight for plants, animals and people.  It is the closest star to earth. The sun is the center of our solar system with planets circling or orbiting around it.

Even though the sun is a gigantic ball of glowing gas, it has different layers. Here are some printouts to making reading vocabulary cards.

Printout for layers and parts of the sun

Archive of Solar System Lessons and Printouts

More Ideas

Birthday Walk    This is a great way to show how the earth orbits around the sun.

Solar Eclipse Cards


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