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Manmade Orbital Objects

Orbital Objects

We have been sending man-made objects and people into space for over 60 years. I actually remember listening to the car radio with my aunt and uncle when sputnik was launched into space. Even as a six year old child I knew something remarkable was happening for mankind.

Since then space exploration and travel has gone way beyond that first launch. We have sent rockets, space shuttles, satellites, space stations and probes into space. In fact, we have done such a good job sending man-made objects into space that we now have space junk orbiting the earth. People have become a part of the space scene as well. We have walked on the moon and spent time floating in space to repair the Hubble telescope.

Many of the man-made orbital objects cannot be seen easily from earth, but there are several we can see on a clear night. The Space Station is the brightest object. It is very easy to view from earth as it races across the night sky. Also, other satellites are sometimes visible.

Space Walk of Astronauts
astronauts working on the space station while tethered to the station.
Space Station
is visible from earth's night sky and is used for international research
Solar Transit
an object that is between the earth and the sun
Space Shuttle
is a reusable space craft
are used for communications and taking pictures
Hubble telescope
takes pictures of objects in space
Space junk
left over garbage from space flights and broken satellites
travels from earth to other planets to learn about them


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