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Compass Cardinal Direction

North, South, East, West
These are the cardinals we know the best

Compass Points

The main cardinal points on a compass are North, South, East and West. Preschool children enjoy watching the needle of a compass move. While walking with your child use a compass and learn about different directions you are walking. First introduce North, then South and finally East and West.

Instead of using terms, right and left, make a fun game using points of the compass. For example, go North instead of right. You can mark the four different cardinal points in a room. When walking with your children use a compass to learn about the different directions you are walking.  My favorite map activity is following the shopping mall map.

Here are some nomenclature printouts to help with this concept. If you're introducing it using a map, use the "compass rose" card. If you're introducing a magnetic compass, use the "compass" card.

My children loved using  their compass, especially on walks or car trips. It's excting when the compass needle moves when you  changes directions.

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