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Black Holes

Black holes are fascinating! In your imagination you can see a huge dark dense form drawing in objects, crushing them as they get closer to the hole. Many scientists believe there is a black hole in the center of most galaxies. A black hole is a dense object in space. It has such a strong force of gravity that nothing can escape it, including light. Black holes are not visible except by their accretion disk .

As objects get near the black hole they emit radiation, gamma rays, x rays and radio waves. Objects speed up faster and faster as they get closer  to the black hole. These objects hit each other and heat up. As they heat up the objects give off energy.

Most black holes used to be a very large sun or star. Our sun is small enough that it will not become a black hole.

In the middle of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is a super massive black hole . It is a large mass that has collapsed on itself.

We've provided free astronomy reading cards about black holes to make nomenclature or 3 part cards .




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