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The universe is filled with galaxies. Galaxies can have millions or billions of stars. Galaxies are similar except they differ in shape and size.

The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy. Spiral galaxies are bright and have a beautiful whirlpool pattern. Spiral galaxies have a rotating disc of stars with a bulge. They contain new and old stars.

Elliptical galaxies are shaped like footballs or spheres. These galaxies have older stars. They are not as bright because they contain old stars.

Irregular galaxies have stars grouped together in bars or a semi spiral patterns.

Lenticular galaxies have a center nucleus like the spiral galaxies but don’t have the spiral shape. Barred Spiral galaxies have a center nucleus that is not circular but like a bar shape.

Peculiar galaxies have either merged or collided with other galaxies. Ring galaxies are rare and ring shaped. Starburst galaxies are bright with lots of new forming stars.

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