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Reading Series

We've created many pink and blue reading cards for you to use. The pink cards are easiest to read, the blue cards are more of a challegne. As your child progresses in reading introduce pink reading cards first. Before you introduce all the pink cards add some blue cards.  Otherwise some children may learn the wrong 'mental model' for spelling or reading.

Continue in the same way as you introduce more blue cards, mixing in a few green cards incrementally.

In general, you want to add 'easy' phonetic cards with a few exceptions so that children can be exposed to the inconsistencies in spelling.

A similar approach is used when introducing writing with the movable alphabet. In Montessori classrooms writing is introduced before reading. For example, we introduce the word 'the' with the movable alphabet very early on. This helps children write complete sentences.

We follow a similar approach with the reading cards to enable the reading of simple books or stories.

It is important to adapt your approach to each child's ability. Some children may be very interested in advanced words early on and it's fine to introduce those words to them when they are motivated.

Pink reading Cards

Blue Reading Cards

Green Reading Cards-  

Montessori Word List for English

How to Make Reading Cards

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