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Family Fun: Phases Of The Moon Calendar Activity

Moon Calendar

As the moon moves around the earth it looks like the moon is changing its shape. It changes from a full disk, to a gibbous, to a crescent, and finally, the moon disappears for a couple of days. The moon is lit up by the sun as the moon orbits the earth. Different parts of the moon are illuminated by the sun. This is what causes the phases of the moon.

Observe different phases every night with the rising of the moon. See it with your eyes or use binoculars to enhance your view of the moon’s surface. A great way to observe and track the moon is to make your own Moon Phase Calendar. The youngest to the oldest members of your family will enjoy doing this. Use the calendar and moon printouts to make your own calendar of moon phases.

Use the landscape printout for this project. You will need 7 lunar phase pages and the calendar is made up of 6 pages. I used clear tape to put mine together.

You can use this online calendar as a reference.

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