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Birthday Party Ideas


Birthday Parties Just for Kids

Birthday parties are for all children, including toddlers and preschoolers. These happpy fun filled events can bring joy and delight for everyone. When planning a party for young children there are two main things to consider, the number of guests and party planning.

Fun and Easy Party Ideas

Check out the birthday walk with print-outs.

Many people believe you should invite the same amount of children as the age of your child. For example, if your child is turning 4 you should invite 4 children. I think you can break this rule if you have extra people to help you at the party. Hire neighborhood teens to help you with the party. If space is limited you can host your party at a local park.

Have someone to take videos, digital pictures or instant photos of the party guests, activities and the birthday child. When all the activities are finished you can show pictures or videos to your young guests before their parents pick them up. It's a nice quiet activity that will keep their attention. Children love looking at themselves.

I have found one of the most important aspects of a successful party is to have more than enough activities for the children. I love creating a party from a theme. You can find games and activities to enhance your theme.  When choosing an idea take into consideration the guests ( all boys, all girls, or both), seasons, holidays and weather. Have little transition activities to do while you set up for the next birthday activity.

Invitations can be made by you and your child several weeks before the party. Provide the following: when the party is, how long it will last, who the birthday child is, address of party and your phone number for the RSVP, what to wear if there is a special theme.

Here are a few easy ideas

Balloon invitation-Buy big balloons and confetti. Make the invitation on flexible paper you can roll into a small scroll. Add the scroll and confetti to the balloon before blowing it up. Use a funnel to add confetti.   Blow up the balloon and secure. Write "pop ballon" on the balloon. Hand deliver to guests.

Use a print shop maker with your computer to design a custom invitation. You can research the news headlines the day your child was born and add it to the invitation.

Get plain white prepaid postage postcards and decorate with stamps and stickers along with the party information.

Here are some party themes

Birthday Garden Tea Party.

You can have the children dress up in their best or have dress up clothes available. Decorate with a flower theme using bright umbrellas, paper lanterns, artificial or real flowers and other colorful decorations. Buy an inexpensive toy tea set to serve the tea and tea sandwiches. A great idea is to let each child decorate a plain cup cake or sugar cookie. Provide toppings and frosting for each child. Make sure each child has their own paper plate, paper towel, plastic knife and their own dollop of frosting to decorate their cake. The guests can make their own necklaces and bracelets using beads and thin shoe laces. A great game to play is treasure hunt in the garden. You can give each child a different colored bow on her basket or container. Put a different color on each of the treasures to match the corresponding colors on the baskets. Each child looks only for the treasures that match their colored bow. A great place to get treasures is a dollar store, thrift store or an outlet store. Costume jewelry, stickers, stamps, suckers, balloons, bubbles and small cars make great treasures. A pretty bedding plant, such as a colorful pansy, can be given as a party favor.

Bug Safari Birthday Party

This is definitely a casual dress, outdoor party. Decorate with pictures of bugs, spiders and fake spider webs. You can make a pin the wings on an insect game instead of pinning the tail on the donkey. Use the same rules as pin the tail on the donkey. Use bug eyes for the blindfold. I used a sleep mask with big googly eyes glued on the outside. The spider web game is a great game to keep everyone in the same place for awhile. Divide the children into 2 groups giving each group a ball of yarn. Let each child have a turn unwinding the yarn a few inches, then pass the yarn to the next person.  Make sure the children only wrap the yarn from the neck down. The team that finishes unwinding the spider web first wins. You can do the game in reverse by letting the children rewind the yarn. Finally, provide bug barns (make your own bug barn ) and nets to go outside and find bugs You can purchase the barns and insect nets at a discount store. Instead of a birthday cake you can make a dirt cake with layered crushed cream filled chocolate cookies, whipped topping, gummy worms, and other candy creepy crawlies. You can also provide a magnifying glass, plastic insects, worms, and spiders as a party favors.  

Teddy Bear Party

Children wear their pajamas and slippers to this party. This is perfect for an indoorb party theme. Provide a cuddly stuffed teddy bear or stuffed animal as a party favor. You can find small ones on sale quite often. Instead of musical chairs play musical pillows. The children sit on a pillow when the music stops. I give the winner a prize and all the other children a little consolation prize. Another fun game is 5 teddy bears. You can change the number to fit the amount of children playing the game. Line up in a row, give the first teddy bear in line a round fuzzy tail. March around and chant or sing,

"Five teddy bears that I once knew, big ones, little ones, just like you, but the one little bear with the big fuzzy tail, he ruled the others with his Grrrrr! Grrrrr! Grrrrr! He ruled the others with his, Grrrr! Grrrr! Grrrr! Down the hall they would go, Wiggle Wobble Wiggle Wabble, to and fro. But the one little bear with the big fuzzy tail, he ruled the others with his Grrr! Grrrr! Grrrr! Let the children take turns wearing the big fuzzy tail.

Messy Birthday Party Bash.

This party is great when done in an area where you can hose down the mess. The guests should arrive in play clothes that can be washed or thrown away!

 Here are some fun activities. 

Finger painting with shaving cram or whipped topping with a drop of food coloring put in middle. Put down big black garbage bags on lawn placing the finger paint fluff and color in the middle. Let the child have a messy fun time.

Plastic Ball Swim

In a child's plastic wading pool fill with plastic balls, you can use different colors and sizes.

Make sculptures out of Play Sand Clay


Silly Party

Wear silly clothes, like odd shoes, different colored socks, a funny hat, etc. You can start the party backwards. When the guest arrive you say good bye, eat the cake first, any silly fun thing the children and you want to do. A fun game is musical clothes. You put all sorts of silly clothes in a bag, old hats, men's or ladies, purses, big shoes, bibs, rattles, etc., Have the children sit in a circle and pass around a small ball while the music plays. When the music stops, the child with the ball is the winner, closes her or his eyes, picks out a piece of clothing, gloves, hat, or other funny item and puts it on. This game can get really wild and fun! Another fun activity is to do face painting.


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