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Cutting 101

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Cutting is a process that takes time to do. Here are 5 steps for cutting paper.

Cutting paper
1. Let your child fringe a border of a paper
2. Cut a straight line next
3. Cut a line with a curve
4. Cut out various shapes, circle, triangle, square, and rectangle
5. Cut out paper figures and images such as paper dolls, numbers, letters, and pictures from magazines or coloring books.

Your child can tear paper before cutting. Snip the paper so it is easier for your child to tear the paper. Tissue paper works great for this tearing exercise.


Kitchen Scissors

 Cutting herbs is a wonderful sensory experience for adults and children. My children used their safety scissors to cut herbs for our meals. Chinese and onion chives are easy for children to cut into small pieces. Cutting leaves off the stem of herbs is an easy job for young children to do. It's okay if they use their hands too.

Use a scissor to cut sliced bread into bread crumbs, cheese slices into squares,  and  leaves lettuce into shreds.







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