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Apples, Fall and Fun for Baby

This newsletter is brought to you by Lesson of the Day 7, Apple Recipes & Fun, Just for Baby, and Easy Crock Pot Recipes.

Hi Everyone, Happy Fall! I love the change of seasons. It's always great to have a new beginning.

I recently filled out a survey for a college student about Montessori. The first question, "What was the goal of Montessori?", made me think.
My short answer is that Montessori wanted to help us to become better teachers and parents to our children. It's the world's most important job; I am thankful that Montessori cared so much.

It's apple season, in fact we are rolling in apples
this year. I found these easy recipes for apples.

Apple Chips 

Apple Crescents

Crock-Pot Apple Crisp Dessert 

Here's  an idea from Mike Kruckenberg about making applesauce using the scientific method with preschool children.

Here is an easy crock pot recipes. You can adjust ingredients to
any dietary requirements.

Steel cut oatmeal , a hot breakfast waiting for you.


Just for Baby

Basket of Balls
Find different textured balls for your baby to hold
and feel.
Here are some ideas-
golf ball
tennis ball
rubber ball
wiffle ball (plastic ball with holes)
small football

One of the best intellectual activities you can do
with your baby is talk to her or him. Sing, do finger
plays, or just talk to them like a friend. I think
babies understand more than we think. I was one of those
silly mothers who even talked to their babies at the

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