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Preschool Matching and Sorting Games

Sorting objects or toys according to size helps children develop their intellect. These lessons are not only fun, but are building blocks for later learning. Montessori used sorting, matching and classifying as a means to academic learning in math, reading and science. Matching and sorting help with problem solving and categorizing. skills

The ability to visually recognize patterns is helpful to understand language patterns in speaking and writing. Sorting, matching and sequencing are a way for a child to recognize differences and similarities visually.

Use these educational printouts of animals and seeds by matching and sorting under each item on the template, from left to right and top to bottom.

Here are some educational lessons about matching and sorting puzzles:

  1. Noticing different shapes or patterns helps children categorize.
  2. Discriminating items from smallest to largest helps with math concepts of less and more.
  3. Sorting and matching are muscle and mind exercises.
  4. Understanding sequencing from smallest to largest, or largest to smallest, enables children to discern subtle differences.
  5. Using the material from left to right fosters reading and writing skills in many cultures.
  6. Matching and sorting helps a child use logic which aids in academic learning.

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