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Montessori Sorting Largest to Smallest Printout

Matching & Sorting Largest to Smallest

This is a simple matching activity to help your child learn about sizes. It helps with math & reading readiness.


This teaches the concept of sorting and order. It helps your child see differences in sizes of objects that are the same or similar. It also introduces vocabulary, such as small, large, smallest, largest.  Use the 3 period lesson if these concepts are new.

Make this like the Montessori wooden game by cutting out each strip. Cut the cards for matching the long board of objects. Laminate if you wish to make the materials last. You can put two boards on card stock or you can leave them as individual boards.


Put the board and cards in a container. Take out one board and the matching cards. Take one card and place it above the object that is the same size on the strip board. Do the lesson slowly and deliberately. If your child catches on right away, it's fine to let his/her finish the demonstration.

A more difficult way to do this is to match the tiles directly onto the strip board. Lastly, your child can sort and grade just the cards in order from either largest to smallest or smallest to largest.

Introduce concepts such as next smallest or next largest.  For example, ask, "Which is the next smallest?" until you reach the smallest object.

Take out 3 cards, one small, one medium and one large. Introduce the concepts of small, medium and large.

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