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Counting Games

Pre-Math Counting Activities

Counting Game

Purpose: To learn how to count. Arrangement of objects does not affect the same quantity.

Materials: 2 to 10 small identical shapes, such as wooden blocks


  1. Put the blocks in a row left to right (horizontally)
  2. Count with your child 1,2,3,4,5 (use the number of blocks according to your child's ability.)
  3. Next, take the blocks and stack them as a tower.
  4. Count with your child again.
  5. Continue to rearrange the blocks or objects in different patterns and shapes such as a circle, square, triangle, "L" and count each time with your child. Finally, let your child do this activity alone.

Fun Physcial Learning Activity

Ball Bounce Game

Bounce a ball 1 to 5 times. Have your child clap how many times you bounced the ball. This is also a great game for listening skills.

Lastly, count the times you bounce the ball. 



posted at 12:50 a.m. on March 4, 2015

Hi I am having a three year old who is struggling identifying the numbers correctly.The repetition is always done on 1,2,3 yet she is still struggling. I am very patient with her but the mom does not know Montessori and the value of repetition. Do you have any advice? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number recognition is very advanced learning and I wouldn't expect that from a three year old. Sometimes you need to go back to the geometric shapes and do activities with them. They help refine visual differences for letters and numbers. You can check out some ideas here- I would put the numbers aside for now and have fun with shapes. MM

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