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Counting Games


Pre-Math Counting Activities

Counting Game

Purpose: To learn how to count. Arrangement of objects does not affect the same quantity.

Materials: 2 to 10 small identical shapes, such as wooden blocks


  1. Put the blocks in a row left to right (horizontally)
  2. Count with your child 1,2,3,4,5 (use the number of blocks according to your child's ability.)
  3. Next, take the blocks and stack them as a tower.
  4. Count with your child again.
  5. Continue to rearrange the blocks or objects in different patterns and shapes such as a circle, square, triangle, "L" and count each time with your child. Finally, let your child do this activity alone.

Fun Physical Learning Activity

Ball Bounce Game

Bounce a ball 1 to 5 times. Have your child clap how many times you bounced the ball. This is also a great game for listening skills.

Lastly, count the times you bounce the ball. 


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