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Snake Game (Addition)

1. Snake game (Addition)

2. Purpose:

To learn addition tables Also, shows the concept of changing number systems. Teaches base 10 with the golden beads. Teaches

3. Material:

4. Presentation:

Place the mat on a table. Using the colored short bead stairs, make a snake. I make it go straight, left to right, to avoid confusion.

Technically, you can arrange the beads in any order. I like to figure out the total sum of the bead bars in the beginning. It makes the checking exercise easier. For example, if you use a 9 bead bar have somewhere else in the snake formation a 1 bead bar, an 8 bead bar with a 2 bead bar somewhere else in the snake, 7 bead bar and 3 bead bar, 6 bead bar and 4 bead bar, 5 bead bar and another 5 bead bar.

Here is an example for your first snake made from the bead bars:

1 bead bar+ 6 bead bar+ 2 bead bar+8 bead bar+2 bead bar+5 bead bar+ 4 bead bar+6 bead bar+5 bead bar+3 bead bar+9 bead bar+7 bead bar+9 bead bar+4 bead bar+1 bead bar

Put the black and white beads in a triangle stair from 1 to 9 at the edge of the mat.

Count the beads on the bars beginning at one end of the snake. Stop counting when you reach 10.(If you are using the example, this will be one bead into the 8 bead bar) I use a sharp pencil to count with and let the pencil lead hold the 10 place. Continue counting to the end of the 8 bar. You will have 7 left. So you will have 10 plus 7.

Place the 1,6,2, and 8 bead bars in a separate box. Then replace these bars in the box with a 10 golden bead bar and a 7 black and white bar. Count from the end of the 10 gold bar, beginning with the 7 black and white bar, then the 2 bar, then the 5 bar, placing the pencil one bead in at the 5 bar. Thus making 10 plus 4.

Put the black and white 7 bar back in the black and white triangle bead stair and the 2 and 5 bead bars into the box with the other beads from the snake game. Replace the black and white 7 bead bar and the colored 2 and 5 bar with a golden 10 bead bar and a 4 black bead bar. Continue counting with this method until the whole snake has been turned into golden ten bars and any remainder black bead bar. You will end up with 7 golden ten bars and 1 black two bar.

5. Checking your work exercise.

Take out the of the box the colored bead bars from the snake game. Put together quantities that make 10 such as 8 bead bar + 2 bead bar, 9 +1, 7+3, 6+4, 5+5, and so on. Check these colored bead combinations against the row of gold bars. Use a colored (green) two bead bar to replace the black bead bar. When your child does this on his or her own you may have to help your child change some of the colored beads into smaller bead quantities. For example, your child is left with 2 six bead bars and an 1 eight bead bar. Show your child that the eight bead bar can be exchanged for 2 four bead bars. The 2 six bead bars and the 2 four bead bars will make 2 golden bead bars.

6. Try this:

Put together all the 9 bead bars in a group. Place a nine bar in front of your child, count to nine and ask the child to find one more to make ten. Sort out the other beads through 5 into respective groups. Count until all the bead bars are put into 10’s combinations.

7. Easier snake game:

Make the snake game end in the sum of 10,  i.e. without a remainder.

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