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Teaching Words for Non Phonological Readers 

Sometimes the Montessori approach for reading does not work as expected. There are some children who are not able to read phonetic words very well after they have been presented the Montessori method of sounding out letters, spelling words and reading words. This even happened to a Montessori teacher's child.

What do you do if your child is not a phonological reader?  You have to teach words by sight.   One of my children could not figure out how phonetic words and the exception to the rules worked until he memorized  words. This method takes time and your child's reading skills may take longer, but it worked for us. My child was able to put together the Montessori elements of reading after memorizing words.

I know that Montessori teachers don't believe in using flash cards of high frequency words but it might be something to consider. Children like learning new words, just make it a fun, non-competitive game. Let your child pick out the words he or she would like to learn. Motivated children become good readers.





Use any printout of pictures with labels as matching exercises. For a more challenging game use words without a picture prompt. 

Make 2 to 4 sets of each matching word on note cards and play a modified game of  "Go Fish"

Also, there are free interactive reading games online.

Use words your child knows to write stories that are fun to read. 

Montessori 3 part cards with the picture and word on one card are perfect for matching games. The most important element to consider is what your children find interesting to read. Cater to their interests and they will have instant motivation. 

Montessori Reading Cards

Life Cycle Reading Cards


5 Tips to Help Your Child

  1. Be patient and don't worry.
  2. Don't push your child to read before he or she is able.
  3. Read material that is an interest to your child.
  4. Read books that are beyond your child's reading ability so he or she will develop good comprehension skills.
  5. Share your love of reading with your child.

Happy reading!

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