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What is your child's talent?

We all are born with God given talents. Talents can be apparent or hidden. Also, talents can change over time. Here is a fun non-scientific survey to help you figure out your child's talent.

This quiz is designed for young children, keep in mind how your child used to act if he or she is older.

Answer the questions below.

1. When your child picks a flower does she or he
Looks at the color.
Sings about the flower.
Smells or feels it.
Looks the structure or pulls off the petals and counts them.
Talks about the flower.

2. When my child first gets up in the morning, he or she
Cuddles with me quietly and looks around.
Sings or Hums in bed.
Starts actively moving around.
Wants to continue playing with yesterday's toys or projects.
Talks and converses with me.

3. When your child plays at the beach would your child rather do which of the following?
Sit quietly and observe the environment.
Listen or mimic to the sounds of nature at the beach.
Run into the water and starts splashing and swimming right away.
Make a sandcastle precisely with correct dimensions and shapes.
Make a sandcastle and tell you about it in a story.

4. When your child gets a new toy does he or she
Look at the colors.
Make sound effects for the toy.
Run around with toy or throws it up in the air.
Look at how the toy works.
Talk for or about the toy.

5. When your child hears music does she or he
Seem to ignore the music and is busy with another activity.
Start humming or singing to the music.
Dance and/or run around wildly to the music.
Gently move, sways or moves his or her hands to the rhythm of the music.
Is more interested in the lyrics than the music.

6. When your child uses crayons does he or she
Seem interested in using lots of colors more than the project he or she is doing.
Hum or make sound effects while he or she draws.
Would rather stack and look at the shape of the crayons rather than color the activity.
Plan what colors to use and then colors neatly and orderly.
Love saying and looking at the names of the colors more than the activity.

7. When your child plays with other children
My child stands at the edge and watches the other children.
My child excitedly participates in games and songs.
My child walks around, tells jokes, and is the life of the party.
My child counts how many children are at the party, how many girls, how many boys.
My child stands in the middle of the groups and talks with everyone.

8. If my child sees another child crying my child
Watches the child cry.
Makes cooing sounds to calm child down.
Acts silly to make the crying child laugh.
Asks the crying child why he or she is crying.
Tells you that the child is crying.

9. How does your child eat? He or she
Eats quietly but observes utensils, plate, etc.
Sings while he or she eats.
Loves to eat with his or her hands and feels the food.
Eats one food at a time in an orderly fashion.
Talks more than he or she eats.

10. My child keeps his or her room
Knows where everything is, regardless if room is messy or neat.
Somewhat tidy but would rather talk, read or sing.
Tidy and a place for everything.
Talks about how he or she will clean it.


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