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7 Mistakes Parents Make

Worrying About Your Child Too Much

Many parents worry about their children --Whether they are developing normally, how they perform, if they cry too much, are they going to be able to survive in school and life. Children are hardier than we think, of course, this doesn't mean that we shouldn't be taking care of our children. It is natural for  parents to be concerned about their children. However, constant worry can be very negative, it just stresses you out without solving any problems. Children can easily sense that you are worried. We have to have faith to raise children.

Comparing Your Child to Others

Children sometimes are advanced in some areas of development, average for most milestones and delayed with others. Just keep in mind that your child is unique, with different talents and challenges. Every child learns to crawl,  walk, talk and develop within their own timetable. My own children developed very differently but both grew up to be successful and happy adults. 

Pushing Your Child into Activities They Don't Want To Do

Pressuring your child into activities can be counter productive. Keep in mind whether your child has a talent for the activity, or if it's an activity that all children should eventually do (driving, swimming, etc...)  Activities and classes that are too advanced are not enjoyable for anyone.

Living Your Life Through Your Child

The main thing I learned as a mother is that my child is a totally different person than me!  Celebrate and except your child as a unique individual. Everyone has their own purpose and calling in life.

Not letting Your Child Work Out His or Her Own Problems

If there is not bullying involved, let your children work out their problems with their peers. You can listen to your child and suggest some ideas to help work out the relationship. Learning coping skills are a plus in your child's life.

Not Teaching Your Child Manners

Adults sometimes cringe being seated next to, behind or in front of children in an airplane. I know people who refuse to eat at a restaurant where there are children. Consider your child's age when you take them in public.  Teach them manners and give your children your undivided attention to help them adjust while in public places.  Unruly and rude behavior is not acceptable at home or in public.  Don't let your child kick the seat in front of them, run around screaming or interrupting conversations of others.  Children behave wonderfully in public when parents take proper care of them and their needs.

Not  Listening to  Your Child or Turn Off Your Phone, Computer and Television and Listen.

Children need to have your total attention when talking to you.  I know it is tempting to text while your child is talking, but put aside  your phone and really give your child eye contact and your undivided attention. Acknowledge your child when you pick them up from school or from daycare, turn off your phone and show them how much you care. Give your children the gift of your undivided attention. 


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