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Picture Card Page Exercise

Use the reading  cards from our free printouts for the picture cards & labels- These cards will fit on a standard letter size-8 1/2 by 11 inches (you can use firmer paper, such as card stock or construction paper.)

Method  for making the materials-
Cut out the pictures  and labels.
Paste about 6 pictures on a standard size sheet of paper or poster board. Put the matching labels in an envelope or zip lock bag. Store the envelope of labels taped or Velcroed to the back of the matching picture card page. 
Make as many picture card pages  you need.
Mix up the pictures and words, they don't have to rhyme. 
* Introduce  easy first picture card sheets for early readers. Use three lettered phonetic words and matching pictures.      Progress to more difficult words later.

Have the child take one of labels and read it. 
Ask, "Can you put that word by the picture that matches it? "
Do the rest of the words. 
Let your child do the exercise. Your child can pick  out other picture card pages to do.

Disappear in the background while still keeping  an eye on the process.


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