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Pink Reading Scheme



Make any Montessori reading scheme with pink, blue or green words!

 A child first uses the pink pictures to “spell ” words with the moveable alphabet. The pink scheme introduces phonetic, three lettered words.

First printout phonetic, three letter words with pictures. Your child matches words to pictures. If this is too difficult, I go back to using 3-part cards .
Next your child chooses a card page exercise . This sheet has 6 unlabeled pictures of objects that have been introduced in the previous exercise of matching words to individual pictures. The child matches the labels to the pictures.
Next, I make a mystery egg game.

For advanced readers fold a printed  word ( use more than one word if this is too easy) that was introduced from the previous lesson and put it in a plastic egg. I don’t use objects at this point. Your child is required to read the word after unfolding it.
Also, you can make a pink word lists. Of all these activities, my kids liked the word lists the best. Every student will have their preference, which is the nice thing about Montessori’s method.
Another activity you can do is command cards . For beginning readers, use pink words such as hop, sit, run and jog.
Finally, introduce booklets. This is a thrill for most kids. These are easy to make! It can be one or a two pages. Find nice pictures from extra photographs, old calendars, magazines or free clip art. Introduce articles, such as “the” “a” “an” so the story flows. Also, introduce plural words such as rats, bats, hens, and so on. Here  is a Montessori word list to find pink words. Introduce the challenge words from this list by using the 3 period lesson.


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