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Number Frames


Age 4 1/2 and older
Part One

To learn the numerals 10 through 19 and associate the quantity with them. Also, learn the sequence of the numbers.

One set of bead stair (1 through 9)
Nine golden 10 count bead bars

1) Let your child put the bead stair in order. He or she can count the beads as the bead stair is put in order. Introduce the 10 bar and count.
2) Take a ten bar and a one bead bar and place them next to each other. Say, “ Ten and one makes eleven.” Count the beads (It is great if your child counts with you.) Put the beads away.
3) Take a ten bar and a two bead bar. Put the ten bar on the left and the two bar on the right. Say, “Ten and two make twelve.” Count them.
4) Continue with the ten bead bar and the three bead bar to make and count thirteen.
5) Teach 11, 12, and 13 using the three period lesson.
Add more names and quantities on subsequent days until your child knows the names of the quantities through 19.
6) Your child puts in order the bead combination 11 through 19 and names the quantities.

Part Two

Material: Wooden number frame consisting of a board with nine squares in a row with “10” painted on each square. The board is framed so that the numbers squares 1 through 9 can be slipped over the ones place (“0”s).

Presentation: Show your child how to slide the 1 square over the 0 of the first 10 to make the number 11. Show your child how to make the numbers 11 through 19. Use the 3 period lesson to teach the names of the numbers. Let your child put together the numbers as often as he or she wishes. Make sure the numbers are always in correct sequential order.

Purpose: Teaches the names of symbols 11 through 19. Teaches number placement and the sequence and order of numbers.

Part Three

Materials: The number frame
Nine golden 10 bead bars
         One set short bed stair
         Mat or rug
Exercise: Place the number frame on mat or rug and let your child form the numerals 11 through 19 on the number frame. Show how to put the correct quantity of the bead bars on the left side of the number frame. (For example the 11 frame will have on the left side one ten gold bead bar and one red bead bar.) Do all frames.

Purpose: To connect the association between numbers and quantities 11 through 19. To show sequence and number order-to learn how to count. To introduce the 10’s place.
The benefit of using the short bead stair and 10 bead gold bead bars shows that each number is made of 10 and one of the numbers from 1 to 9.

Number Frames Printout

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