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How to Make a Butterfly Garden

Check out the Free Butterfly Montessori reading cards below!

By planting the right flowers-cone like and clustered blossoms- and having your birdbath full of water (Butterflies will drink from your birdbath.) you will have a garden full of butterflies!
Suggested flower and plants to attract butterflies:

You can plant these flowers in pots, flower boxes, or in your garden. Also, butterflies love pieces of melon. Reduce or eliminate insecticides and herbicides. In no time you will have lots of butterflies. 

Place pavers in the garden so your child can follow a path to observe the flowers, insects and birds.

Pavers for your butterfly garden-
Materials needed:
Foil pie tins
Quick setting cement-1 small bag
Shells, marbles, and small memorabilia
This is a great outdoor activity.
Set out foil tins on newspaper
Follow the directions for the cement. Quickly pour into the foil tins. Decorate with your favorite objects. You can even write on the cement with a stick. Dry and remove from foil and place in your butterfly garden.

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