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Here are some 3 part cards or nomenclature cards of wildflowers from my walk in the mountains

How to make 3 part cards

Take a walk on the wild side. You can find so many beautiful and interesting things when you walk with your children. Our favorite thing to observe are wildflowers.  They can blossom in the spring, summer and early fall.  Adults and children can have such a fun time together discovering different types flowers. With a smartphone it is easy to take pictures of wildflowers in your area. Most parks don't want you picking wildflowers so taking a picture is a nice way to save their image. You can find different wildflower resources online to help identify your flowers.


Free Resources





Wildflower Lawn

I use wildflower seeds  mixed with native grasses to make a wildflower lawn.

The flowers bloom in the spring to make a beautiful patch of flowers.

Let the blooms go to seed, mow, and you will have a summer lawn.

Next spring you should have more wild flowers growing in your lawn.




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