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Waves Printout

You can see waves move in a pool, lake or ocean. Here is a video of "seiche" waves in a pool. Seiche waves are a special type of wave that sways back and forth in closed bodies of water like pools or lakes.

What are waves? They are motion that goes through water. The wave goes through changes in the density of the water, it compresses and stretches out. Energy moves water into waves. Waves grow in height as they reach the shore.  Tsunamis are giant waves usually caused by an earthquake or volcano eruptions under the ocean.

Below is the printout. The first part is the cycle of a wave. The second row is different types of waves. You can do this lesson in two different periods.

Wave Crest is the highest point on a wave.
Falling Wave is when the water goes down with the wave.
Trough is the lowest point of the wave.
Rising wave is when the wave goes up to the crest again.


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