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Walking the Line

Ages 2 ½ and up-
This is like a balance beam on the ground.

Material: Masking tape that pulls off easily

(Painters masking tape works well)

Open the tape,keeping it on the roll,

make a line about 6 feet long on the carpet or floor.

Presentation and Exercise:  Show your child how to quietly walk on the masking tape line, one foot in front of the other, you can hold out your arms to show how to balance. Next, walk the line with arms at side of body. At first, let your child take as long of steps as he or she needs to. As time goes on, have your child take smaller steps and finally have your child put his/her toe to heel for the exercise, arms held out for balance to begin with, then heel to toe without arms held out for balance.

Variations: Walk the line holding a ball, an object in each hand, a wineglass with a little water in it, a spoon with a bean, a tray with an object on it, hold a bell without ringing it, a scarf raised above the head, etc

You can make different shaped lines, such as a meandering line, a curved line, a square, a triangle, a circle, and capital letters of the alphabet.
Games: You can even make an indoor hopscotch to practice hopping on two feet, then one foot.

Develops: balance, posture, and fluid movement. Helps eye and foot coordination. Increases perception of body in relation to environment.

Control of Error: Making noise or falling off the line, spilling water, dropping the object.

Here are some more ideas. 

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