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My child cries every day before going to school. What can I do?

My child cries every day before going to school. What can I do?

When my children were young they needed to get up early and spend some time with me playing and enjoying a leisurely breakfast. Children can actually feel rejected if they are rushed out of the house to preschool or day care.

Another problem may be that your child is lonely at school.

Does your child have any good friends at school? The best way to make friends is to arrange some play dates for your child and a classmate of their choice. Encourage your child to invite a different classmate for each play date until they have made a few good friends. Parties are another way to encourage friendship. You don't need a birthday to have a party. Unbirthday parties can be given anytime of the year.

Is your child bored at school? Sometimes advanced children are very unhappy if the teacher does not take into account his or her individual needs.

Remember that your child is developing and all children have issues they need to overcome and work on. School is to help provide self confidence, independence, great self esteem, and the joy of learning and growing. A child's personality thrives in unconditional love and guidance.

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