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Montessori Sentence Cards

Sentence Cards


Strips of paper about 8 inches by 3 inches.

Stickers or small pictures of objects- they are used as a hint of the main subject of the sentence or phrase..

Use the pictures from the Pink Reading Cards.


On a strip of paper print a simple sentence.

Here are a few examples-

The pig is big. (glue a picture a pig at the beginning of the paper strip).

The bib is red. (glue a picture of a bib at the beginning of the paper strip).

The cat is fat. (again glue picture of cat at beginning of paper strip),

Use capital letters for beginning of sentences or phrases and end with a period.

Start with phonetic words.  However, you may have to use some sight words to make a complete sentence. You introduce new sight words, such as " the", as a puzzle word.  A puzzle word is a sight word. You can use the 3 period lesson to teach new sight words.

Grammar Lesson

After this lesson is mastered you can introduce grammar.

Use these Montessori grammar smbols to introduce the simple parts of grammar.  Start with just one grammar symbol, the noun is easiest to introduce. Next introduce the verb symbol. 


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