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Montessori Newsletter 14

Montessori Potty Training & Bored Babies

This newsletter is brought to you by "Keeping Babies Amused" and "The Joys of Potty Training!"
Keeping Babies Amused

Babies have such unique personalities. My babies were pretty active, and sometimes seemed bored. Here are a few things I did with my babies between the ages of 5 months to 8 months to amuse them.

  1. Play different types of music. My brother’s baby loves Patsy Kline. Whenever he puts on her CD, my niece quits crying!
  2. Babies love mirrors, even a baby of 5 months will enjoy seeing herself.
  3. Cut pieces of different textured fabrics to hold, feel, and observe.
  4. Blow bubbles
  5. Let your baby hold many safe objects such as plastic cups, balls, rattles, wooden spoons, etc.- they will touch with their hands and tongues.
  6. While your baby is lying down, encourage your baby to grasp at objects your hold over his face area.
  7. Change the lighting of a room. Turn on a lamp, then turn it off- open the shade to let in light, then close the shade-your baby will notice the difference.
  8. Sing to your baby. They don’t care how you sound!
  9. Do finger plays with your baby, especially simple ones, such as “Pat a Cake”, “This Little Pig” Touch your baby while doing this.
  10. Carry your baby around with you in a front or backpack. My children loved doing this when I vacuumed and put away items in the house.
  11. Talk to your baby. They are making beginning sounds of words-“ma ma” “ba ba” “da da” . It’s great to speak their language back to them.
  12. Encourage baby to splash, kick legs and move arms during bath time. As babies get older, teach them how to kick their legs and pull their arms in the water. When baby kicks, say “kick” and when baby pulls her arms in the water say, “pull” Comfort in the water at this age helps with swimming  later.
  13. Baby treasure hunt-Hide, partially under a blanket, a stuffed animal or ball. Say, where is the ball? Find it and say, “There it is.” You can make this more complex as your baby matures. Soon your baby will find the hidden toys.

Most of all enjoy each other's company.
The Joys of Early Potty Training

Montessori Potty Training

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