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Montessori & Gingerbread

One way to have fun during this holiday is to use to use a gingerbread theme.

Here are some gingerbread ideas that would be great at home and school. 

Montessori handwork comes to light during this holiday season.  Also, baking and cooking introduce not only elements of culture, taste and smell, but the science of cooking.

Here are some activities that will keep any child's attention using gingerbread fun. 

For a community service you can provide these hand made gingerbread dolls.

Make this beautiful felt gingerbread house .   It includes pictures and directions.  Love gingerbread scented playdough !


Make your own gingerbread book. 

Trace or pin punch out these gingerbread shapes. 

Make an easy gingerbread house. I use melted white chocolate to make a strong bonding mortar for the house.

When I make gingerbread with children, I like using egg free recipes, kids love to lick the batter so this

is much safer than using eggs. 

This is an article about the science of making gingerbread. 

Use this gingerbread printout to make as a pattern for tracing, sewing or a cookie template, cut out of craft foam to make a decoration.


Make a cork gingerbread ornament.

Matching gingerbread button game printout  



Label the gingerbread items for a reading and spelling exercise.

You can use printouts from here to make 3 part cards .


posted at 3:03 p.m. on November 13, 2012

great idea my kids love gingerbread dolls. that they can it as well please make more events like this

Bed and Breakfast

posted at 9:54 p.m. on November 20, 2012

i like it very much

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