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You can make your child's first reading book. Have your child help you do this. This will spark your child's interest in writing.

In order to practice writing, I provide small booklets for children to write the words they spell with the moveable alphabet. Around the age of 4, children often like doing this.

After introducing the reading vocabulary with the objects and labels, pictures and labels, sentence strips and cards, I make a little booklet with these words. Also, introduce prepositions such as "in" "at" to make the story flow better. Your child can read the book by him or herself. Write as many books as you can creatively make!

Children at this point usually love writing and illustrating their own books. Cut out pictures from magazines & print outs, or they can draw their own illustrations to make the book. I even provide the sentence cards for them to use to get an idea of the structure of a sentence. Some children will even use an illustration or a picture for a word they don't know how to write. They are not rigid, so this is a great sensitive period to introduce writing.

Older children can use the word processor and clip art to make books. It's amazing how computer savvy kids like this.

I still have my children's first books about sharks, candy trees, the bubble gum girl and  poems. Young children make very creative and interesting books!

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