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Montessori and Santa Claus

Montessori and Santa Claus

During my childhood my mother didn’t let us hang up stockings for Santa as a part of our Christmas tradition. Her view of Santa was more like her homeland Norwegian troll-like character, Nisse For her, Santa was a kind of creepy Nisse.

In my Montessori training we were taught that fantasy was a natural part of a child’s development, but adults need to be realistic with children about what is imaginary and what is real. The topic of Santa Claus came up as a questionable activity. Many students thought Santa was such a wonderful part of Christmas that he should be included in a child’s life.

I was surprised that my instructor (Miss Child) thought it was okay to include Santa in holiday traditions. Santa should be a fun but small part of the holiday. We were encouraged to enjoy “Father Christmas” while not to make too big of a deal out of it. This holiday is about the joy of giving to others. I believe that Santa is a harmless personification of this joy and love of giving.

I’m hanging up my stocking!


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