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Lesson of the Day 9

Learning How to Count and Early Math Lessons 

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Teaching toddlers to count  is difficult. Start with just two objects to count. I save jar and bottle tops for this purposes. Use tops that vary in size from smallest to largest. This helps a young child to see that 1 is smaller than 2, 2 is smaller than 3

Use the 3 period lesson to introduce counting.

Place the 2 tops, one small and the other one larger,  in one row from left to right.


                                                                                                    o O


Next, point to the smallest top and say, "one."  ( o- "one")

Point to the second top and say "two." (O- "two")

Ask your child, show me "one."

Your child points to the smallest top.

Next ask your child to show you "two."

Your child points to the larger top.

Finally say, let's count them.

Touch below each respective top and count, "1" "2"

Ask your child to count the tops.

Add more tops until your child can count to ten.

More Ideas

You can use your different sizes of lids or caps to teach about big and small. Use the largest and smallest caps to teach about small and big.

Use the 3 period lesson to introduce these concepts. 

More counting fun for older children.

You can use these printouts for older children. Use this lesson to teach counting in french, Spanish and English.

More counting fun

Count going up and down stairs.

Jump rope and count how many skips you can do before you miss. Later on skip count by 2's, 3's, 4's etc. 

More Concept Math Concepts

 Use building blocks or bricks to teach concepts of tall and short. Build a short stack of blocks and a tall stack of blocks. Point to the short one and say "short." Point to the tall stack and say "tall." Have your child point to the short , then tall stack of blocks.  Lastly, point to the short stack and ask, what is this? Do the same for the tall stack.

Use building blocks to measure. Have your child use blocks to build a tower that is as tall as his or her knees, shoulders, head, etc. You can use blocks to measure the width of a table, chair or book. Measure how long your foot is using small blocks. 

Counting fingerplay

10 Little Fingers

I have 10 little fingers that belong to me. (Place your hands in front of your face showing all ten fingers)

Would like to see me count them? ( Clench fingers into a fist. Count them by popping up a finger for each number)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 

I can do it again.

Let's begin.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The end!




Early Math Experiences

Counting Game

Numbers and Quantity Printout Game 

Counting Chain Arrows  If you don't have the golden bead material use other units, such as Legos or pennies to count.

Number Rods   Use cuisenaire rods or integer bars if you don't have number rods

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