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...b, b, b the butterfly sound, B makes a butterfly sound!


Children and adults are fascinated by the beauty and life of butterflies. Young children can oberve catepillars and butterflies to understand the amazing changes in nature and life.

If you approach butterflies slowly you can catch them with a photograph.


Life of a Butterfly

Butterflies begin their life when a female butterfly lays her egg on a leaf.

The egg grows and matures.

A new caterpillar forms and eats all the time.

Caterpillars have strong mandibles to eat leaves and plants.

The caterpillar matures and forms a hard outer shell.

A fully formed butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.


Here is a printout of the butterfly life cycle.

Make beautiful reading cards or use them as prompts to write a story.

Caterpillar Art


Cardboard egg carton-cut into rows to represent a caterpillar

Paint (caterpillars are a variety of colors so bright colors are great)

Sponge brushes or bristle paint brushes

Pipe cleaners or bag twisty for antennae


Show your child how to paint the caterpillar using a bristle or sponge brush.

Caterpillars are various colors and patterns, so it is wonderful to encourage your children to be creative.

Dry the your child's masterpiece and add the antennae.

* Decorate your caterpillar  with paper punch holes, glitter and pieces of recycled gift wrapping. This is a fun cut and glue activity.


Butterfly Art

Ink blot butterfly with pipe cleaner antenna


Plain paper that will absorb paint easily

Primary color finger paints


Pipe cleaners or similar material for antennae.


Fold the paper in half.  Open paper into a whole piece again. Near the center of the paper place several different colors next to each other. I like to use primary colors because when mixed together they make new colors. Fold in half again and rub the outside (paint is on the inside of the fold) of the paper. Open and dry. See how the colors have mixed together to make new colors. Fold in half again and trace a butterfly pattern and cut into a beautiful butterfly. Attach antennae.

If you don't like to draw free hand, here are some beautiful Butterfly Templates from first

Butterfly Movement Dance

Collect colorful scarves and add some melodious music to encourage your children to dance.

If you are musical, sing  "Row. row your boat" tune to our butterfly song while dancing.

b,b,b the butterfly dance

b, b, b, the butterfly

dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing

b, the butterfly dance!

Use the scarves as wings. Move them up and down like a butterfly wing and gently dance.

Dancing helps with coordination and movement. Also, it helps children to visualize their space by not bumping into other dancers or objects.

*Use the phonetic sound of b for this song


Helpful ideas for you

How to Make a Butterfly Garden

Make a Bug Barn

After you make a bug barn go through your garden and look for a chrysalis. Keep the stem too so that the chrysalis hangs properly

Check the cocoon everyday to make sure you can see the butterfly emerge from it's case.  Release the butterfly in your garden.


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