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Lesson of the Day 14


This is a fun and educational game to play with children.

Also, check out the free printout for the game.


An Introduction to Fractions using Pie Wedges

Fractions are a Part the Whole

Easy Matching Game

Sector shapes or wedges make an easy fraction game. Cut a pie into even pieces, each piece is a fraction. For example, if you cut a pie into 8 pieces each piece will be 1/8 of the pie.

Here is an example for you to printout .

Use this printout for the game below.

Pie Game

Cut a plain paper plate or a large circle into even pieces.

You can cut the big circle in the following pieces:

2 pieces (1/2)

3 pieces (1/3)

4 pieces (1/4)

6 pieces (1/6)

8 pieces (1/8)

The even pieces (1/2, 1/4, 1/8) are easier for younger children to visualize. Start with introducing the concept of 1/2 and go from there.

Show your child the uncut circle or paper plate. Say, "The is a whole piece." Next cut the circle in half and show them the whole circle and the two pieces. Say," I cut this circle in half. Each piece is 1/2 of the circle."

Show how each half fits on the whole circle.

Play the 3 period lesson using the half circle and whole circle to teach the concept of whole and half.

Next do this activity using the concept of 1/4 (4 pieces) and continue with the 3 period lesson.

Continue with the smaller fractions for older chldren.

Advanced Lesson

Combine the 1/2 and 1/4 pieces together to make it more challenging.


Complex Fraction Game

Use 2 or 3  whole pie pieces and various fraction pieces, such as 1/2, 1/4, 1/8. Use only the larger fractions for younger children.  Put the fraction pieces in bag and have each child randomly take 3 pieces.

Take turns filling in the whole pie. After each turn, take another fraction piece from the bag. Play until the pieces won't fit.

Play this in teams to make it a cooperative game. It's okay to change the rules of any game to make it more fun!


Everyday Fractions

Sharing half a cookie, banana, or apple is an easy way to show how fractions can be used in everyday life.

Use colored tape to divide a room in half, fourths, sixths or eighths.

Because fractions are part of the whole, you can find fractions almost everywhere.




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