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Lesson of the Day 13

Learn Math the Fun and Easy Way with Triangles

Three Connecting Straight Sides Make a Triangle 

Triangles have 3 sides. They vary in size and shape. Printout these triangles to find out how triangles look different but always have three connecting linear sides.

Easy Matching Game

Print out and cut  2 of each triangle. Show your child how to match the shapes.

Reading and learning the names of triangles .

You can teach the names of different types of triangles by using these printouts. For older children these make great reading cards.  Print out two of each page and make 3-part cards.

Here are the nomenclature cards

Triangle Art

Show your child how to draw triangle shapes on paper using a ruler or straight edge. You can even fold the paper into triangle shapes to cut. Let them cut out the shapes to make a triangle snake.

Use a long piece of tape, sticky side up to make a long worm or snake. Make the first triangle the head.

It might look something like this,


Design  a fish from triangle shapes,


Triangles can make cool shapes, such as a star.

Butterflies wings can be made from triangles too.

Make it easy and printout lots of triangle shapes for fun art projects.

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