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Going round and round in circles

Circles are important shapes in geometry and trigonometry. They have a circumference, radius, degrees of angles and chords. Circles are an easy concept for preschool children to understand.

Print out the circle shapes from the geometric cabinet.  Each circle is represented by a solid shape, a heavy lined shape and a thin lined shape.

Here is the free circle printout.

An easy lesson for younger children

Use two copies of each solid shape. Keep one on original card printout (template of a circle), cut the other identical shape on the line of the circle (make a cutout of each size of the circles). Show you child how to match the cut out circles onto the template Use 2 or 3 shapes and add more as your child progresses.

Advanced Sorting

Show your child how to sort and match the circles that are alike. Use the solid shape, then the same sized, thick lined shape and finally the thin shaped circles in a row from left to right. You can do these exercises on a table or on a rug.

Start with a few shapes and add more as your child progresses with the exercise.

Lastly, sort the solid shapes in order of size, then the thick lined circles and finally the thin lined ones.

Name the Shape

Use the 3 period lesson to teach the names of a circle, square, rectangle.

Find the Shape

Give the children a circle shape and ask them to find the shape in their room. Help them come up with ideas.  For example, a plate, a round mirror, bracelet, circular rug and a clock face are circular in shape.


Pencil on a String

Use a pen, pencil or chalk tied with string to make various sizes of circles. Use chalk for outdoor chalk circles on cement surfaces. Tie a string to the chalk, have one person hold the string firmly in the middle of your drawing and have the second person draw a chalk line and draw a circle.  On a piece of thick cardboard place a piece of paper, use a tack to hold down the string and draw a circle using a marker or pencil. You can make various sizes of circles by adjusting the length of the string. This is a fun way to introduce geometry.

circle cut out to make spiral

You can make spirals from a circle shape. Use the printout to cut a spiral. You can use the geometric circles to cut them free hand for older children. Hang the spiral by a window to watch them move when the air circulates.

chains of circles

Print out the above free download. Cut along the lines and make paper circles. You can make a paper chain too. Use different colored paper to make different colored chains. Paper chains work for any season, party or dramatic play.

Circle Games

Have your children make a circle by holding hands and have fun with these delightful games.

The Farmer in the Dell

Ring A Round a Rosy

More Circle Games


Circle Sandwiches


sliced bread

sandwich spread (peanut or almond butter, honey or jam)

butter or spreading knife

circle cutout

cutting board


Lay down a piece of bread on cutting board and use a circle cookie or biscuit cutter or a jar lid to make circles on a slice bread.

Spread your favorite filling.

Let your child make a circle sandwich.



Fraction Circles


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