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Lesson of the Day 11

Squares and Rectangles  More Lessons

Printout of Rectangles

Printout the different size rectangles. Each rectangle is represented by a solid shape, a heavy lined shape and a thin lined shape.

An easy lesson for younger children

Use two copies of each solid shape. Keep one on original card printout (template), cut the other identical shape on the line of the shape (make a cutout of the square and rectangles). Show you child how to match the cut out rectangles onto the template Use 2 or 3 shapes and add more as your child progresses. Use the shapes that look the most different to introduce this matching game.

Advanced Sorting

Show your child how to sort and match the shapes that are alike. Use the solid shape, then the matching thick lined shape and finally the matching thin shaped rectangle in a row from left to right. You can do these exercises on a table or on a rug.

Start with a few shapes and add more as your child progresses with the exercise.

Sort the solid shapes in order of size, then the thick lined rectangles and finally the thin lined ones.

Name the Shape

Use the 3 period lesson to teach the names of the square and rectangles.

Find the Shape

Give the children a shape and ask them to find the shape in their room. Help them come up with ideas.  For example, a door, window and picture have a rectangular shape. A tile, a cut piece of bread,  television or computer monitor could have a square shape.

Walk on the Square and Rectangular Lines

Make a square and rectangle from masking or painter's tape. Let your children walk around the shapes. It is like walking on the line activities.

Hop on Top the Rectangle or Square Game

Show your child to hop over the line and into the square or rectangle. Say, I'm hopping on the square.  Then have your child "Hop on the square (or rectangle). Let your child choose which shape to hop on and tell you the name of the shape.  * This is a simple 3 period lesson .

Advanced Lessons

The Difference Between a Square and a Rectangle

Count the  4 sides of a square and rectangle. Confirm that they have the same number of sides.

Look at the shape of each and say how they are different. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure each side. The conclusion is that the square has equal sides and the rectangle does not have four equal sides.


Reading nomenclature cards names of rectangles and other geometric shapes


Introduce concepts of geometric shapes.

Helps with reading and math skills through discriminating shapes, size and dimensions.

Helps preschool child adapt to fine print objects, numbers and letters.


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