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The Knobless Cylinders

This a more complex exercise sorting solid geometric shapes.

Age 3 to 5 years old.

4 sets of knobless cylinders, the same dimension as the 4 sets of knobbed cylinders, made from solid wood. Set one (same size as set 1 knobbed cylinders) is painted primary yellow. Set two (same sizes as set 2 of knobbed cylinders) is painted forest green. Set three (same sizes as set 3 of knobbed cylinders) is painted primary red. Set four (same as set 4 knobbed cylinders) is painted primary blue.

Purpose: Refine differences in similar shapes. Using more than one set child spatially discern similarities and differences. Helps eye to hand coordination and small motor skills.

These can be built as a tower or put in order according to size (either smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest). After your child has mastered this, he or she may take two or more sets at a time.

Advanced Lesson:

Your child can put the knobbed cylinders and knobless cylinders together. Put the knobbed cylinder on the matching knobless cylinder. Of course, most children will eventually put the knobless cylinders in the knobbed cylinder block!

More lessons:
Talk about gradation of size using the cylinders. Small, next smallest to smallest. Other concepts, tall-short, large-small, wide-narrow and big-little

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