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Hurricanes Printout
A hurricane is a strong and intense tropical cyclone. Some people call them typhoons (eastern Pacific ocean), cyclones (Indian Ocean) or willy-willies (Australia). These start as a Low near the equator in warm ocean water. The warm water feeds the hurricane enabling it to grow. The water temperature has to be around 82 degrees (26.5 C ) to form it. It begins as a tropical depression or low front, and forms into a tropical storm. The evaporation from the ocean water carries heat energy through the wind. Convection occurs and causes thunderstorms. Eventually an eye wall forms through upward convection. The hurrican develops and and is categorized by its wind velocity. A category one hurricane has the wind speed of at least 74 miles per hour, and category five hurricane exceeds wind speeds of 156 miles per hour.

A hurricane needs warm water to grow and give it energy. When a hurricane reaches land it looses its enegy and becomes a tropical storm.


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