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When my kids were about 2 years old, I started with a small low cupboard and arranged some Montessori practical life & sensorial (and art) supplies plus a small table and chairs for our first classroom. Our first learning area was in the kitchen. The kitchen provided more "toys" for my children as well. After they had done the pink tower a few times, they went onto "the pots and pans." I have pans that have lids that fit snugly into each other and the pans stack like a tower. They also loved measuring cups that fit into each other like a nesting toy. It's amazing how much Montessori "like" equipment you have in a kitchen.

There are several ways you can make your Montessori environment. If you have the room, a separate classroom space is one way. However, if your space is limited you can make learning centers throughout your home. Also, you can do a combination of a classroom and learning centers. If the weather permits, the great outdoors is another fun place for learning.

I eventually had a playroom that was a classroom area. Also, we had areas in the kitchen–a low dry sink–where my children could start off with easy practical life activities that led into cooking and kitchen science activities.

It's also important to have a specific place where you put the activities and equipment. If not, it is frustrating for your children. It's like having someone put your dishes away a different place each time they empty out the dishwasher. (Find the frying pan game!)

Montessori believed that children should do at least one activity everyday. By having a place for each item and learning centers, your child can dig right into that day's fun activity. The right environment gives your child contentment and happiness.


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