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Exercises for the Moveable Alphabet

Introductory Exercises for the Moveable Alphabet

1. Your child can build words on the mat on his or her own. Encourage your child to try any words that he or she wishes.
2. Have a box containing small objects whose names are three lettered. For example, pig, box, hat, nut, jug, ant (see the word list under moveable alphabet). You can buy plastic figures at dollar stores.
3. Have a box with a collection of pictures that are three lettered words. (See the word list for ideas) Your child can help you go through magazines for easy to spell pictures.
4. Your children spell words you or they choose.

Note: You want to encourage your child to have fun doing this. You don't have to correct spelling mistakes in the beginning. It's best not to interfere too much. If your child constantly misspells, then eventually do a positive and upbeat lesson to correct the mistake.
***Children who build words can't always read them. So it is important not to ask your child to read the word he or she has spelled. Reading will come naturally later.
However, there are children who will instantly read the word, and that is great!




Here are some Alphabet Lessons Extensions to do-

Most children know the capital letters before the lower case letters.
Introduce both cases before reading, use the 3 period lesson for any letter/sound your child doesn't know.

Activitiess: Match the lower case letters to the capital letters. You can use 2 sets of alphabet letters, one upper and one lower. Take out 4 or five letters in the beginning. Let your child match the capitals and lower case letters. Add as many letters as your child can do.

Matching letters using paper. On one side of a paper, write down in a row the upper case letters, on the other side of the paper, write down the lower case letters- (mix them up). Let your child draw a line from the matching lower case letter to the upper case letter.

The next step is to sing or rap the alphabet song. Most children already like and know this song. Let your child touch each letter when singing the song.

When your child can do this well, have her or him put the alphabet cards in order from a to z. You can start with a few letters at a time, such as a,b,c,d, add more later. Just break down the activity to your child's interest and ability.

Later on, have your child write the alphabet Aa to Zz. You can use long narrow cash register paper to make it fun. (Make your own long paper by taping together narrow pieces of paper.) Your child will want to see how long the paper can get. It's great motivation.

The alphabet activities will help your child with alphabetizing lessons later on.

You can skip any activity that your child has already mastered.


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