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Sand Candles and Rain Gauge Activities

Family Weekend Projects

This is a great learning activity for kids. You just need to make sure an adult is controlling the hot wax.

Candle making in the sand

In an old large tin can put in pieces of old candles or paraffin wax.
Slowly melt the wax in the can over a pan of boiling water. I melt the wax outdoors on my grill burner.                                                      For fun color combinations, add old pieces of wax crayon.
Tie the candlewick (You can get these at any craft store, or recycle old ones) to a pencil.
Dig a mold in the sand, you can even add glass beads or seashells to the mold.
Put the pencil with the wick over the edges of the sand mold.
Carefully pour the wax into the mold. Let it set up for a few hours.
These are very beautiful and unique candles. They make great gifts.

Talk about the candle wax melting into a liquid state using heat. After the candle cools it becomes solid. Temperature determines if the candle is in a liquid or solid state.


Rain Gauge Activity

This is another adult and kid activity. 

Several plastic soda pop bottles or sports drink bottles
Water proof marking pen

Cut the tops about ¼ the way from the top. The top part will look like a funnel.
Put the cut off top upside down in the remaining part of the bottle. This will enable the rain to pour into the bottom half of the container.
Mark with the marker pen from the bottom inch increments. Then add ½ inch increments with a different colored marker. Continue with a different colored market for a ¼ inch if you don’t get much rainfall in your geographic area.
Place the rain gauges in your yard in different locations. Compare the amount rain you get in different locations. You can put them under a tree, next to a building, and directly in the garden. Measure your rainfall for a month or longer. Compare the rainfall to your local news.

This is a fun math opportunity to find out about graphs, comparisons and measurements. 

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