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Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects Printout
There are a large variety of beneficial insects, including ladybugs, honey bees, mantises, butterflies, ants and soldier beetles. There are many other varieties of beneficial beetles and wasps that eat pests. Other beneficial insects are pollinators, like honey bees and butterflies. Wasps are pollinators too. Pollinators help produce vegetables, fruits and seeds in the plants we eat.

Many can be gently touched, like ladybugs. Some beneficial insects are poisonous or sting, like bees.  Beneficial insects like mantises and ladybugs are predators. Some live in the soil, like ants. Even though butterflies pollinate the plants we need, their caterpillars that turn into butterflies eat our crops.

Insects benefit the plants we like and use. You can attract beneficial insects by planting certain types of plants and flowers. Many places sell beneficial insects that you can purchase for your garden or yard.

Beneficial insects our garden and farm. They pollinate plants, collect garbage, help the soil and eat pests.


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